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Austrian Stocks in English: ATX TR in week 18 down, EVN up and a Questionmark at Kapsch TrafficCom 07.05.23

Welcome to "Austrian Stocks in English - presented by Palfinger", the english spoken weekly Summary for the Austrian Stock Market, positioned every Sunday in the mostly german languaged Podcast " Indie Podcasts"- Wiener Börse, Sport Musik und Mehr“ .

The following script is based on our 21st Austria weekly and week 18 was a quiet week for ATX TR, which lost 0,76 percent to 6.888 points, year to date Topperformer EVN was also No 1. in week 18. Kapsch TrafficCom lost nearly 10 percent with strange News on Friday. News came from Frequentis, ams Osram, Lenzing, FACC, Kontron, Valneva, Wolftank, RHI Magnesita, RBI., spoken by the absolutely smart Alison.

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