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Austrian Stocks in English: Week 13 with Immofinanz on top brought a 6 percent comeback for ATX TR and a fine ending for Q1 02.04.23

Welcome to "Austrian Stocks in English - presented by Palfinger", the english spoken weekly Summary for the Austrian Stock Market, positioned every Sunday in the mostly german languaged Podcast " Indie Podcasts"- Wiener Börse, Sport Musik und Mehr“ .

The following script is based on our 21st Austria weekly and in Week 13 we saw a fine comeback week for ATX TR, which gained 6,43 percent. This turns the year to date performance from minus 3 percent last week to plus 3 percent now at the end of the first quarter 2023. Immofinanz shares went nearly 20 percent up. News came from Agrana, Austriacard, Pierer Mobility, Kontron, FACC, Porr, Immofinanz, Wienerberger, S Immo and ams Osram, spoken by the absolutely smart Alison.

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