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#62: Christian Soschner, Johannes Sarx, Philipp Hainzl, Stefanie Rösel, Julia Resch - This was 2021 - A Year in Review Part 3/7 14.01.22

Part 3 of the Year in Review Recording.

1 hour 15 minutes of exciting conversations with speakers from previous podcast episodes and business partners of the hosts.

 What was hot in 2021, and what do our speakers expect for 2022?

In this episode, we talk about

  • Content Marketing with a Podcast
  • Life Science Industry in Austria
  • Content Marketing and Social Media for B2B Businesses
  • History of the Vienna Stock Exchange

I hope you enjoy the conversation the same way I did.

Who are the Experts in this episode:

Video to the Episode:


(00:00) Christian Soschner & Stefanie Rösel – Podcast & Content Marketing
(03:45) The Gary V. Content Strategy Applied at the Podcast
(05:30) What Kind of Companies Can Use A Podcast for Their Marketing Purposes?
(07:15) Valuations – Quo Vadis?
(11:35) Macro Trends & Market Crashes
(17:15) Johannes Sarx and Philipp Hainzl – How Did Life Science Evolve in the Last 10 Years in Austria – Audio Only
(18:00) More than 1,000 Life Science Companies in Austria
(22:35) Marinomed, Tamirna, or Valneva – Companies that started before 2008 in Austria
(25:35) Expectations for 2022 – Will the Industry Move Forward at the Same Speed Like in 2020-21?
(28:45) EIT Health – Co-Location Center in Vienna
(30:10) In-Person Events in Austria in 2022
(33:00) Stefanie Rösel – Life Science Content Marketing & Social Media
(35:35) How The Pandemic Changed The Behaviour in Business on Social Media
(37:16) The Digital Presence of People and Companies Matters More Than Ever
(39:45) Why Online Content Marketing Matters for B2B Companies
(42:41) The Most Important Platforms for B2B Companies in 2022
(44:00) Biggest Lesson From 2021
(45:50) Outlook for 2022 – Content marketing
(46:35) How Will the Transition von Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 affect Content Marketing
(51:45) Julia Resch – Vienna Stoch Exchange – 250 Years
(52:35) The Austrian Stock Market in 2021 – 40% Performance
(53:45) The European IPO Market
(54:15) Life Science and the European Stock Market
(55:40) Industries on the Austrian Stock Exchange
(56:35) Investment Trends from the Austrian Stock Market Perspective
(57:50) Digital Assets on the Stock Markets
(01:01:35) Outlook 2022 on the Stock Market
(01:03:45) Matthias & Astrid - Overview over Topics from Year in Review
(01:07:35)  What was going on in Tech in 2021
(01:12:35) Content Marketing for Profiling

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